SC Tucker Elementary School


A rainbow could be a
big, thick, curved stick
that someone painted.

A rainbow could be the
upside-down smile of
someone who had eaten
a lot of candy.

A rainbow could be a
banana that had food-
coloring splashed all
over it.

Lisa Pickens


You are smelly like apple pie
that burnt in oven

Elvia Uvalle

Black Hole

Sounds like peanut butter
and jelly sandwich. “Crunch.”

Ivy Svendsen


My family is fancy and rich.
I love to see butterflies on flowers.
Why do dogs bark?
My puppies were born 2013 Jan. 3—the happiest day.
My heart was broken the day we gave the puppies away.
My family is a little messy, and we are ok on out money.
Dogs bark to alarm you that a stranger is near the house. Ruff, woof!
The butterfly was on my head. On my head.

Jasmin Hernandez

Baseball for the First Time

This object looks as
round as the earth. I feel
as if I am holding a snowball.
It smells like a fresh painted wall.
It tastes as bitter as a sour plum.
It is as white as a polar bear.
When I shake the ball and listen I
can hear strike, strike, and strike three!

Lawson Wilkins


You are green and blue
Birds drink the dirty water of your ocean.
You sound like 400 people in 1 room.
You smell like nachos and pizza from a little stand
Your sand feels as hot as the sun
You taste like a piece of sour watermelon
Your state looks like a big shoe

Logan Apple

Dancing to the Moon

My little brother is truthful.
The cockroach is dancing to the moon.
How many bears are there?
In 2003 I was born.
There is a shattered phone on the floor.
I have lied about my first broken CD.
How are you Mr. Cockroach?

Carleigh Noblett

SC Tucker Elementary School
Danville, AR
Date of Visit: May 13 – 14, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Samantha Dill
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Michelle Myers and Kirsty Bleyl