Russell D. Jones Elementary


Erasers have pink skin of a British melody,
A bone will erase every time a German breaks a leg,
The eyes fall apart every time you
touch it,
Every time it rips saliva falls
off the roof of the mouth.

Colby D. Hill

The Stray Cat

I see a stray cat
in the cold two feet of snow
will stray cat survive.

Mercedese Burasco

Moons Are Terrifying

Moons are terrifying because they’re all
color in one ball rolling out of the
sky. It is always growing eyes and legs.
The moon is terrifying because it
grows face and drinks all of our water.
Also the moon is terrifying because
the moon can eat our power lines
then we will have no power. There is
no doubt that moons are terrifying because
they could gobble our future. Moons can
gobble our fun and not our worst moments.

Sarah Cordis

The Language of Leaves

I am dying here
on the ground with my
Mom and Dad still up on the

Ruthie McCain

Pretty Is

I’m pretty but I’m not pretty with Chipotle on top of my

Janet Aldaco

The Language of Germs

“Ogawayo” would be go away
white blood cells,
“Ogepogi” would be come on my brothers,
“Nikipiki” would be take over this one,
“Tekipeki” would be start spreading
the sickness.
“Tik Tok Tik Tok” would be there is
a crack we can get in,
“Agamigo” means help me,
“Pok” would mean let’s go home.

Colby Hill

The Moon is Falling

The moon is falling
falling people are
screaming “HELP”
the moon is ruining
people’s fun. Then…

CRASH the moon
has ruined your fun
with its big crash the
world is science.

Yosef Lozada

Russell D. Jones Elementary School
Rogers, AR
Date of Visit: November 12 – 13, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Beth Talley
Grade Level: 4, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 112
Visiting Writers: J.T. Mahany, Eszter Takacs