Richland Elementary School


The color of an old tattered blanket
from the attic. The tongue of
your neighbor’s chow-chow.
The color of the lunch box you
had since you were three. The
screen you wait on when
your T.V. messes up because
of a storm. The color
of your tongue after you eat
a blue raspberry snowcone.
from the ice cream truck. The
color of that one emo girl’s

Jagger York

Random Conversations

McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, and KFC. New York, Chicago, France, and Vegas. LiLo, J.Lo, J.Law, and Kanye!
These are some things I want to see in poems. These are things that we hear or talk about every day. I didn’t say these are important. We don’t need them. But we have them, and I want to see them in poems.

Lily Camper

If Sunshine Was on a TV Screen

If sunshine was on a T.V. screen, we would not watch
T.V., we would awake to it. If a clock was a fish,
you could keep a pet in your room. If cars were
bananas, we wouldn’t have air pollution. If oil was
apples, we wouldn’t eat them, and if lemons were sharks,
we wouldn’t be afraid of them. In a world were
blimps were horse carriages and cats were baby dolls,
we would be walking toasters, and our world would
be happy.

Soren Morris

Mothers of America

Mothers of America, kids are bored! They
need something to do! They want to go
out and see the world! Let them ride
their bikes to Mexico or Canada! I
know they’ll stay out of trouble. Don’t let
them grow old and stay here in America.
After all, it is just a bike ride.

Cameron Dale

Cat with the Stash

You can’t wait to watch your favorite T.V. show when you come by a show called “Cat with the Stash.” It’s about a cat who is an intern at the milk station, which he does in the day, but by night he is Kitty Mustachio, who has a mustache and has a stash of milk and rich chocolate milk that he gets from the milk station every day. Every cat wants to be him.

Austin LaRue

The Only Thing that Matters






Coen Winter

Richland Elementary School
West Memphis, AR
Date of Visit: April 20 – 21, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Gwendolyn Looney
Grade Level: 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Josh Idaszak and David Kinzer