Marion Intermediate School


My old house in Texas, where I was
born and freed and left, had a swing
like a vine in the jungle that
just goes with the wind, and my slide
was like an airplane wing soaring
through the sky, and my pool
felt like a pile of pizza and
spaghetti and hot dogs, or I wish, and
my room felt like I was in space
with a rocket bed.

Jesus Galindo

I’m From

I’m from the sizzle of bacon on
the irons. I’m from the tan wallpaper.
I’m from the cheese platter and the sweet
dill pickles in the shiny new refrigerator.
I’m from the icy blizzard of the freezer.
I’m from the black and white dog that
lies in front of the warm stove
while we cook dinner.
I’m from cookies and pancakes in the morning.
I’m from hands painted on the carport.
I was born on the floor of a barn.
I was born on the back of a horse.

Kainan Sheley

After I Lose My Nose

After I lose my
nose, I’ll miss smelling my
mom’s sweet butter rolls,
my mom’s fresh baked
chicken, people’s perfume and
cologne smelling so good.
The cherry
blossom candles. I will
miss my brother’s cherry
blossom hair.

Antanius Tiggs


Echo loves to hear herself
talk. If there ain’t anybody
around, she will talk to herself.
One day she was sitting under
a big green tree and she
spotted this handsome man named
Narcissus. She fell in love—-
but then she realized that
she can only repeat what others

Lauren Wilson


Athena is no
match for me.
I’m far more
talented than
her. Her
are a pile
of horse
dung to mine.
When people
say I got
my talent
from her
I’m offended.
I’m the
most skilled
weaver in
the land.

Jaden R. Appling

The Peaceful Waterpark

I was at the waterpark
under the warmish cold
water thinking how peaceful
it is to be underwater
no screaming just
peaceful water and the
nice clear water 3 ½ feet
tall just waving as people



If I could not hear
I would miss my Boston
terrior’s weird snoring sound,
the sound my pencil makes
when I write, the
noise my bathroom sink makes,
the clapping sound
of my door
handle, the beautiful
songs of the birds in the
morning, and the
squeals of
my baby sister.

Anna Michelle Roberts

What’s Loud

A car starting up,
a baby when it’s crying, a person
when they’re yelling, the whole
world clapping, a snap at your ear,
the stomp of ten people on TV,
a piano dropped off a
building, a plane when taking off,
a binder smashing to the ground,
someone being smacked.

Timothy Dukes

This is not a lie

I run slow like a turtle and eat like a pig
that snorts. I fly like a plane with
boosters. I eat Lays potato chips in
my sleep. I never ate all my friend’s

Blaze Cantrell

Where I’m From

I’m from the crust of chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
I’m from the bark of an oak tree,
the lead of a pencil,
and the mouth of a lion.
I’m from the chair you sit in.
My name is Johnny Appleseed.

Anthony Ervin

The Sun

The sun comes down to
earth at night. She sees
beach houses along the shore.
She walks around with her
arms folded and wonders if
she could live on Earth forever.
She goes back up to the sky
so she can be a sunset for
the morning.

Alexa Smith

If Paint Was Dirt

If paint was dirt you would have
colorful feet every time you went outside.
You would never be able to fall
unless you wanted colorful clothes.
But when you were sad you could
look outside and it would make
you happy again.

Destiny Burnett

What’s Loud

Drums are loud so are mockingbirds so are
parrots so are lions so are rock bands
so are bears so are mountain lions so are
pumas so are tigers so are horns.

Kainan Sheley

No Sound

If the walls made sounds
it would sound like you opening
up a soda can.

Morgan Donald


A car is against a tree. A silver
car zooms by and hits the tree. I am
looking out the window.

Kyra Coleman

How to Decorate for Christmas

First you have to get your
decorations and your tree,
put your tree by the
window so everyone can see it.
Wrap it with x-mas lights.
Put frills on it. Take the
green and red ornaments out
of the crazy box. Then when
you are done put the
ornaments on. Then put
the skirt around the base
on your tree, go outside
hang the lights on the
roof. Go inside and
look around. Leave some cookies
and milk for Santa, and
got to bed. Good night.

Jolie Roberts

The cobra

I caught a cobra.
the slippery skin
slithering through
the mossy grass.
the V-shaped tongue
helped it catch prey.
the shaky prey looks for
the skillful reptile.
the next thing you know
the skills reptile strikes.

Isiah Brown


If a brain could make a sound, it would sound
Like a soggy towel smacking the wall.

Joshua Baber

Marion Intermediate School
Marion, AR
Dates of Visit: December 2 – 3, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Julie Molloy
Grade Levels: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 300
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry, Caroline Beimford, Anthony Blake, Jesse Irwin, David Kinzer, Emily Lerner, Scott Ray, Larissa Sprecher