Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative


Did you know that
oceans can dance? Or that
lakes hear the birds
singing? Or maybe that
rivers could smell the
fish that they swam
in? And that ponds
can see the golden
horses roaring on the
beach? Did you know
any of this?

Donald Harkreader

The Word Wind, Meaning

The thing that cools you off
On a hot summer day
It blows you away
With its smooth calming sound

You can feel it blowing through your hair
When you’re running through your mind

Breyden McCain


I ate an apricot already.
She moved me in the morning.

Emma Reardon


The man walked out of the cloud
He announced his name was Lu
He took my hand and jumped four times
When I opened my eyes I was outside
We were in the future, where anything would happen
It was hoverboard, jetpack, and teleportation galore
Lu got so scared he grabbed my hair and we went in a tent
He started to cry then moan and groan about food
I told him it’d be okay, but he didn’t care
I woke with a fright I looked around for Lu
But all I saw was an empty room.

Lindsey Morgan

Book of London

Chapter 1: Our teacher is at high school

Chapter 2: Snake in my house

Chapter 3: To the capital

Chapter 4: In the seven chairs

Chapter 5: Fog circles

London Slott

Desert Friends

There was a leg and a rock who met one
Day at a desert and became two
Very good friends then they went to
A restaurant the rock ordered steak
And the leg ordered soup it was a
Night with no moon but stars sparkled
Everywhere when they got there food
And ate there was a rock at the
Bottom of the soup it was rock soup and
The rock was terrified of the leg

Bryson Dye


The color of violets
The smell of a snowy day
The color of the sweetest gift
The color of the sunset on a warm day
The sound of the swaying trees in the wind.
The color of a little girl’s bedroom
The color of the flowers in her hair
The color of birds and their songs
The taste of fresh warm air

Hannah Stricklin


I run around with resistance against my mother’s rules
She gets up and gathers our stuff and chases me with great speed.

EJ Lara

Justice and a Yardsale

In a girl’s closet
You feel a glow
There is a hanger
And a shirt they
Met in Justice
They will never
Be apart they
Have both ended
Up at a yardsale

Tylee Willis


Jumps high in the air
Throws embers on the ground
Shines light in a dark night
Dispels a cold wind
Sends smoke to the heavens

Lucas Deltedesco

Purple Cat

I took the purple cat
Right off the road,
And took it to a dog pound
Its fuzzy fur prickled
Up straight,
And it ran up and down
The walls.
It screamed so
Loud, its purple fell out.

Hailea Raines

Guy Fenter Education Service Cooperative
Branch, AR
Date of Visit: October 22 – 23, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Amber Cobb
Grade Level: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Collin Callahan, Josh Idaszak, Jesse Irwin, Chris Tamigi