Greenbrier Public Schools


I wanted to get the plane into the poem
because I loved the way it flies through the air.
I like its windows.
I like its seats.
Because what is more
like a bird
or a hawk
than a plane
The way it flies
and goes fast
like hawks do.
I knew I would have to make
the center of the poem thin,
when it flew into the cloud as it took off.
I liked the idea of my poem having a plane
flying through the clouds as the passengers
sat inside in soft seats.

Braxton Vest

Navy Blue

Color of my dad’s old shirt,
the old house next door,
color of my new dress.
The color of the bag at Children’s Place.
The color of her eyes,
the last thing I see.

Bella Carter

My Thoughts are like Pistol Shrimps

My thoughts are like pistol shrimps,
clever and hiding,
finding ways to defeat their
even though they have a small
They fire a high velocity
that for a nano second, reaches
the temperature
of the surface
of the sun.
They are underestimated,
but powerful.
Some may call them nerds,
unaware of what’s inside.
They bear the title proudly.

Max A. Hooten

Dog Home Alone

My dog Socks may be just running
around to get her exercise but maybe
she might be tormenting a squirrel I bet
she can smell the meat on its bones
but Socks would never kill a squirrel
for that much meat. She could be
barking at the cows that live behind us
or maybe trying to pounce on them
or maybe talking to her brother,
Chunky Monkey. She is definitely
chewing up the trash.

Addison Walton

Face Poem

Your bulldozer of a face
scooping up Mom’s leftover cherry pie
filled with cream cheese frosting
and your dimples, like the rocks
miners chip in to
Your eyebrows like an overgrown
bush down on Maine St. at the
old county store
Your Miley Cyrus of a face with
your tongue out
You mail bag of a face like under your eyes
Your teeth like you just got smashed
into the wall in the middle of the championship
hockey game.

Madilyn Johnson

All Because of a Kite

Two boys prepare to fly a kite
made from German bank notes in 1923,
the time of Germany’s extraordinary inflation.
All because of a kite.

Two boys, friends, but almost brothers,
flying a blue kite. Fearful of losing
this expensive kite, blue and strong,
bought for 30 cents. The most
precious. A kite of fun and hope.

No more. A kite of killing and pain.
A kite that made the brothers kill.
The smell of a burning kite. And the
brothers, became the brother. Pain
filled a heart and the brother,
no more.

All because of a kite.

Lydia Dunlap

Jewels Estate

I live in Jewels Estate.
You’ll know you’re here when
you see a stop sign
with black hand prints
smeared on the back of it.
Turn left, then turn right
onto the street that has the woods
straight in front of you
and you will find
a couple stray animals.
Tell me something we don’t have.
We do have salamanders
or lizards
from time to time.
We have a black and white cat
that seems like a stray.

Bailey Pressler

How To Fall in Love

Take a drink of water.
Make sure to take a deep breath in.
Before warming up, place your tongue
to the back of your teeth and
make sure you have a tall sound.

Claire King

Doppler Radar Can Continuously Measure Wind Speeds By Observing Microwaves Reflected Off of Particles in the Atmosphere

As the radar detects the wind speeds
while observing microwaves reflecting off of
particles in the atmosphere, I am detecting
hot pockets and popcorn bouncing in a
microwave while observing movie previews
waiting to start.

Jackson Spears


Color of a coin,
of a bell ringing in the distance,
of a duck tape wallet,
or just plain duck tape.
Of a fire extinguisher,
a water bottle, or even
a hair pin. A trash can,
a satellite dish at the top of your house,
or the color of a fire alarm.
A clock. Earrings. Or keys,
cars, glasses, or of a pencil
or pen. Of a smart board
hanging in your classroom.
Or a wire.
Stars in the night sky.

Laci Stanton

I Remember

By the 14th of December,
we wore big coats
and mittens.
White soft snow
piled everywhere.
in our favorite mugs
The snow was bright.
Our toes felt frozen.
There were times we forgot
to put on our mittens.
One day I went ice skating
in her old pool
And what I remember best
is sliding down
the big icy hill
with her.



A clock in the classroom. The tattoo
on Megan’s left arm. The piece of bologna
on your sandwich for lunch. The round
stool seat at the counter bar at your house,
a pony tail holder for your hair, the burger
that you get from Sonic, the watch that your great-
great-grandpa gave you for your good memories
before he died. The corn that the lunch ladies
give you for lunch at school.

Baylee Holliman

Greenbrier Public Schools
Greenbrier, AR
Dates of Visit: November 17 – 18, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Sarah Jerry
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, Megan Downey, Bailey Hutchinson, Rachel Thomas