Emerson Elementary


Football game, like louder
than a baby first born in
your ear, like hearing a helmet to head
and hearing click clacking
like pick six and football players
screaming like a bat arguing
with referees.

Tracy Revels

Gray dog eye

I am as old as
the world. I feel like
a crumpled up piece
of paper. I don’t
have taste because
my tongue is breaking
apart like an old

Cade Walter

A Circle Joy

My leg is a horse.
it always want to go
the opposite way that
I am going.

Gabrielle Harrell

Circle Madness

My Spine is a
bear with very little
hair covered in twine
but beware if he
smells, hears, sees, or
touches you you will
turn into a basketball
with very little
grip and will be
bounced on rocks
every day by little

Carter Cromeans

Bandage rain

The bandage was a girl
scout and was selling cookies.
He came upon the Brain,
door on a rainy day to
sell cookies. He was
getting sick so the
brain let him in his
house. They “stuck”
together forever
like paper and
glue. Friends.

Reese Mitchell

The Stapler

Black and silver it smells like
a car, it feels smooth too.
Helpful to people but not to me.


Face Poem

Your eyes are like the sun setting on the
prairie. Your cheeks, rosy as a red billboard.
your hair as curly as pasta noodles. Your hair as
dark as twilight when it strikes in winter.
your freckles as brown as my dog. Your lips as
pink as an apple blossom.

Addie Mayfield

The book and the eye ball

The book and the eyeball met
at the Basketball game. the book
and the eyeball went to the eyeball’s
house. He likes it cold in his house,
and the book doesn’t mind. He likes
it cold too. But when they told each other’s
secrets, the eyeball disappeared.

Alexandria Fish

The face

your Dead Cold eyes
remind me of a vampire
your mole that looks like a
jungle your lips are black
as space your nails yellow
as a duck your hair dry
as a towel your nose
looks like a cow. Your
hair looks like barb wire
your lips are brown as
a door that slammed. You
ears are as green as

Gracie Amroz

Piano Player

I’m a great
piano player
I’m so good
at playing pianos
people get up
and start
dancing I’m as
good as Albert
Einstein doing

Alex Owen

Face Poem

your mouth is like
a one dollar bill your
face is like a goat
trying to sing your nose
looks like a baboon’s behind
your shoes look like a
rusted tractor

Horatio Moreno

Emerson Elementary School
Emerson, AR
Dates of Visit: December 3 – 4, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Kyle
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 105
Visiting Writers: Andrew Butler, Collin Callihan, Zach Hester, Josh Idaszak