Buffalo Island Central West Elementary


My eyes are rocks my mouth is
A big worm my legs are long poles
My foot is a long hot dog my hair is
Pepper my nose is a bottle cap
My head is a bowl my toes
Are door handles my hand is a
Lock my arms are flags my neck
Is a speaker my belly is a trash can
My teeth are rods my ears are sticky

Lynlee Womack


I am from the place where I can hear the wind
Wail at night
My home stands like a mustache
With the smell of cake and brownies
With my baby brother screaming at me
For my shoes and I hear my TV going, and the dogs
On my street
are barking.


The Song Buy Me a Boat

Taste like southern ice tea or
A week old dr. pepper it would
Look like a hard working man
Who became rich. It would
Smell like my playstation
When it over heats. It would feel like stale popcorn with
Lots of butter.

Max McCoul

100 Mice Attacking You

A poem is a mouse running on the floor.

Emma Milligan

99 Flowers Disappearing

A poem is a flower outside
Swaying gracefully.

Christa Austin

Portrait of Myself

My head is like a beach
Ball. My toes are like
Meatballs. My hair is
Like a bunch of vines.
My eyes are like tennis
Balls. My teeth are like
Little flower petals.
My nose is like a
Piece of bubble gum.
My arms are like
big old pipes. My
ears are like little
rocks. My fingers
are like a clock hand.

Damara Montalbo

What Would Feelings Taste Like?

Feelings would taste like love
And sweet tarts

Feelings would taste like
A piece of cereal that has
Been soaked in ice cream.

Claire Jackson


bat in a cave eating dinner

hail stuck to a finger

glasses stuck in this box

flat road getting old

hill being dug up for a railroad track

valley with a river flowing down stream

road going round and round

wire being pooled



I see all the blue
Books with an old torn page.
I taste the blue gumball
In my mouth. I feel the blue fish, I see the blue
Poster boards. I smell the blue
Moldy cheese.

Arabella Oliyer

What Does A Poem Taste Like?

A poem taste like a dictionary
With jelly and it sounds like a lion
Yelling and it smells like a pizza
Just took out of the oven and it
Feels like a flat chair and it
Look like a yellow dog in a cat house.

Abigail Croom

Portrait of Myself

My head is a big clock.
My eyes are green cucumbers.
My nose is a long needle.
My mouth is a black skateboard.
My neck is a garden snake.
My ears are pumpkins.
My hair is long spaghetti noodles.
My thighs are yummy sandwiches.
My toes are quarters.
My feet are big books.
My bones are chicken legs that are rot.
My teeth look like erasers.
My legs are turkeys.
My stomach is a fingernail.



A kokabure looks like a ball
with spikes. A kokabure smells like a
tulip. A kokabure sounds like a kid
crying. A kokabure feels like a porcupine.
A kokabure taste like a sticker in your
mouth. A kokabure likes to play
hide and seek.

Jamian Cerda

Buffalo Island Central West Elementary School
Monette, AR
Dates of Visit: November 12 – 13, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kima Stewart
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 130
Visiting Writers: Andrew Butler, Kevin Corbett, Zach Hester, and Josh Idaszak