Arkadelphia High School


A flower grows too
gentle to make a sound heard
by any animal.

Garrett Collie

The Life of My Grandma

Short and in shape
Tight and curly hair
Standing in the hot chicken kitchen
Below her a hot bubbling pan
Flying from the stovetop to the stove
Racing from the kitchen to the pantry
Not fast enough though
BA-BOOM! Boil over!
Now when she isn’t making lunch for
the holiday
She resides in her home or
works in the trailer park with my

Diana Summerville

Traveling by swimming to center of space

I heard of space, empty, dark
Just stars and planets of living creatures.
That’s why I want to be in the center of it
to prove that you could swim in clear blue
water to outer space.
I might get lost or cry, but I know I can
make it. I can feel it in my veins, the
water will protect me with warmth and
cannot be frozen due to the beating desire I
want to get into the center of the

Kaleb Krein

A day in the life of Glenn Miller

I wake up and reach for my
trombone, gold-plated and already warm
I walk to the concert hall on 10th
street to perform in front of thousands
I eat a plate of sushi before
leading the band’s rehearsal
I smell the sweat of my band
working hard to put on a good show
I see the hard work pay off
at the next concert.

Drew Webb

The Life of My Father

Trying and trying to get along with mom
Dad couldn’t get ahold of himself
Trying and trying to be close to his own family
Dad couldn’t help himself
Dad couldn’t conquer his demons
So, Dad died days before Halloween night
An overdose took his life.

Madison Hujanen

How to Fall in Love

Get in the racecar
Put on the seat belt
Turn it on
Pull the clutch
Put it in gear
Let go of the clutch slowly
Push the gas a little
Let go of the clutch
Drive like normal
Warning this is just what I do so if you wreck forget about this.

Romeo Bonner

How to Fall in Love

Get the lawn mower on the grass
Run through a sprinkler
Go home and act like you did work

Bradley Davis

How to Fall in Love

Take a bite
Chew it
Swallow it
Realize you just ate a brick
Smile so everyone can see that you have no teeth

Kirkland Barton

How to Fall in Love

Gather the cattle into a pen
brand the cattle so you don’t lose them
release them into an open space “the cattle will stick together”
pick up any stragglers
make loud noises from your horse to move the cattle
sell the cattle
buy new cattle
make a profit

Caleb Bird

The Life of My Grandma

she smiles, I smile
she laughs, I laugh
she cries, I cry,
she dies, I…

Nancy Kwetchou

I Am

I am a pink and purple unicorn.
There is a grasshopper hopping everywhere I look.
Why are there so many guys who don’t think gymnastics is a sport?
It is the year 3333 and the world hasn’t ended yet.
My unicorn’s ankle is broken.
One guy I asked said that for it to be a sport,
it had to have a ball.

Shannon Mecum

Me and My Honey

Me and my honey were sitting in the attic
with one cinnamon candle lit. He got me
a lawnmower for our anniversary. I’ll hire
a magician to make it disappear. I’m not
mowing the lawn.

Maya Nichols

Arkadelphia High School
Arkadelphia, AR
Dates of Visit: November 19 – 20, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Sean Queen
Grade Levels: 9
Appx. Number Students Served: 110
Visiting Writers: Hannah Allen, Anthony Blake, Cara Dees, Elizabeth DeMeo