Amboy Elementary


There was a chicken that was
doing science, he wasn’t very smart.
His mind was big, his brain is small,
and all his thoughts are on a chart.

He was watering his garden,
I’m sure he was a dud.
He sat up and rose and he fell off the
hose, and was stuck in the mud.

The chicken’s friend was a fox,
he lives up in a box. He helped
the chicken, that was always flippin’,
and he got the chicken pox.

The chicken thinks he’s clever,
he thinks he’s never tricked.
But until now, he lost his chow,
that was stolen from a thieving chick.

He used his chemicals that
were in his buckets, and now he’s
turned into a chicken nugget.

Gavin McGinnis

I am bad in the classroom.

I am bad in the classroom.
A king cobra eats mice whole.
Why does the earth spin fast by time goes slow?
In 3017, we might have flying cars.
A teapot had crashed into the wall.
I am really the best student in class.
To have more time to do more stuff.
King cobra.


Planets in whales

A planet inside of a whale is
dirty filled with dead animals.
It feels slimy with goo
and fishes. It sounds
horrible because all you
hear is fishes and animals
gasping for breath. It
smells worse than all
the garbage dumps in
the world put together.

The whale blew the planet
out of its blow hole and
it went into outer space
and it stunk the whole
planet. Nobody could figure
out the smell. They sent
explorers out into space that
is when they found the
dead planet.

Tania Scarbrough

A butterfly effect that starts by crocodiles that eat wood

A butterfly effect that starts by crocodiles that eat wood
Fish that sing the national anthem
Where do ants make mountains in Switzerland?
1492, Christopher Columbus wore 1998 dance pants
A meteor landed softly in a volcano
Crocodiles have hard backs even when they’re young
Ants make mountains in dirt…when they’re sleeping nonstop while there’s earthquakes

Gavin McGinnis


In a meadow one day
I feel a rush of fear
A dragon is flying
above me
I jump on him
his scales are
like dried leaves
We ride into the
night I feel like I could
touch the sky
He smells like
an apple cream
But then we are
We fight many
other dragons
but we fight
our way out
Then we
ride into the
night to find a
new adventure

Mike Sorenson


Daniel le gustan las peliculas de
Amor. Porque son vonitas y tristes
coma una istoria de un hombre que queria a una mujer pero
la mujer no lo queria a el.
Pero el hombre la inbito a
salir al cine pero aun no lo querer i luego fueron a
caminar por la qualle y escucharon
una cancion de amor y baliaron
juntos i desde ese dia eran
inseparables. I el la emava i ella
lo amaba a el.


Amboy Elementary School
North Little Rock, AR
Date of Visit: November 4 – 5, 2015
Faculty Sponsor: Claire Welch
Grade Level: 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: Cheyenne Autry and Suzanne Monroe