Vandergriff Elementary School


Do keys open locks?
Do names matter?
Can the universe stop?
Lack of rain causes plants to grow.
Names don’t matter.
Geometry is not really math.
Can cars stop fast?
Can light be black?
Moss slowly grows on dogs.


My Dad the Doctor

gets to work at early the
morning the sun crawls over
horizon as he studies the pictures
to figure out what’s happening the smell
is fresh very soft almost nothing
to hear his office feels

Sage Paschall

The 29 Bobs

Have you heard of the poor mother
who owns 29 Bobs? She’s
like an octopus everywhere
at once. She owns a mansion
of course. All the Bobs look
the same red hair huge pupils
face as rough as rocks. The 29

Ricardo Gonzalez


The barefoot book salesmen
is coming! Take cover! The barefoot
book salesmen ShaciNac is
armed with a “t-shirt cannon”
and his client Rumble the
bison is with him. Here he
comes, with books!

Carson Wasemiller

Mofune (Mo-foo-ne)

Mofune works at a man-living factory.
He likes to make man-living things. He
rides his inventions to work. He is nice and
doesn’t like money as much as living carrots
that eat screws and trees.

Christian Stanton

End Up In China

Birds don’t laugh
Did you think I’m crazy?
That isn’t a bracelet it’s a worm.
Do you cough out lava?
That is a jar, not Prince Harry
You can’t go to a castle
Do you think I can grow into a man?
That is a peppermint, not 1,000 dollar coins
Do you think I can just jump
in the tree and end up in China?

Ella Kestner

The Flexible Doctor

ate a balance beam
covered in
grape medicine
tasted a
bit of
maple syrup
looked like a
blue mat

Ana Rochier


A grown thing spying on its
prey. Hot nose, eyes like
fire, he will stalk you from
hour to hour then when you
get close enough he will
strike. Well I guess you’re his

Tyler Freymark


A sneaky thief
A recipe taste that will
not be told
A witch with a spell
A mouse stealing a
piece of turkey
A wondering king
A lost egg

Presley Collier

The Friend Bricklayer

This Friday I saw a brick layer that
was friendly. He ate breakfast at Denny’s.
I ate pancakes but he ate eggs, nails, and
what looked like seaweed. He always wore
a hard hat and always had black on
his hands. One day I went over and talked
to him. He smelled like smoke. Then I found
out he was a bricklayer/fireman.

Trevor Rice


sound like a
fish swimming in the
Ocean on a hot day

Lies sound like
a black and white
picture burning into

lightbulbs sound like
the first time you get
sunburned in the summer

Galaxy sounds like
Sprite in a cup
fizzing up

Bella Slankard

If you were Costa Rica

If you were Costa Rica I would see your waves crashing up against the yellow and brown sand.
I would smell your bright orange mangos growing on the all leafy trees.
I would feel your warm, summer water on my skin.
I would hear the kids laughing, building sand castles.
I would taste the fresh peelings of coconuts and coconut milk.

Isabelle Moss

Recipe for Yellow

You start baking a cheetah
where you take a teaspoon of its fur.
Then you take a yellow spaceship to space
and grab a bright star.
On your way back,
grab ¾ cup of the yellow stripe on a rainbow.
Grab 2 gallons of lemon juice at the store.
When you walk in your yellow door,
mix the ingredients in a yellow bowl.
Then yellow will appear.

Luke LeFevre


high-pitched like an opera singer
loud like thunder roaring
popcorn popping

spicy like a ghost pepper
sour like a lemon
bitter like a green apple

Georgianna Toothaker

The Jungle Bedroom

My mom’s like the mokey oo-and-ahhing. The clothes are quicksand with no one to help me out. My chair is like a jaguar leaping on to me. My bed is like a lotus flower keeping me sleepy, while the socks are acting as snakes. How did I even get this crazy jungle as a bedroom?

Brooks Young

Vandergriff Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Date of Visit: November 20 – 21, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Marci Tate
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 350
Visiting Writers: Anthony Blake, Collin Callahan, Kevin Corbett, Michelle Myers, Julia Pagianelli, Larissa Sprecher