Trumann High School


That Lambo was so tempting to drive,
the purple paint glistening in the sun.
I drove it until the tires were bald,
driving corners going 160.


The Discovery of the Body of Holofernes

The stench of flesh and blood
hangs heavy in the air.
The murmurs of confusion
echo around the room.
The taste of bile rises as the man
lifts the sheet.
The shoves of desperation to see
makes the room even more crowded.
The bright crimson of blood makes
the death apparent.

Katelyn Stanton

Radical Decisions

Getting angry is fine
in the girls’ locker
room. Hey, what are you doing
for fun or cool, false
imprisonment. We frown
on leads like these.
Not a joking matter.
America is like Russia,
Which is totally untrue.
The truth is safer
than a lie, always use jokes
to hurt you. Five ways to
choke on your words.
Hello, Biff? This is Sergeant.

Richard Lawrence

Book of Payte

Chapter 1: The Age of Deception

Chapter 2: The Rope Breaks

Chapter 3: The Infinite Scar

Chapter 4: The Sugar Disease

Chapter 5: Love Finds a Way

Chapter 6: Onyx Mindset

Chapter 7: The Horse of Everchanging Colors

Chapter 8: Happiness Travels by Train

Chapter 9: Cotton Candy and Cupcakes

Chapter 10: Gothic Ride

Chapter 11: Level of Serenity

Chapter 12: Are We Ready?

Chapter 13: In His Hands

Chapter 14: Ink Stain

Payte Horst

Untitled Collage

Do you still have feelings for Anna?
are you too shy to speak
a white haired, grey bearded prince
Stuttering is a speech problem
is that good or bad?
you have to stop hiding your stutter
he slurred his words a lot less now
it’s never too late to make improvement.
The difference between living and dying
less frequent and less of a problem
you know what lies ahead of you
There is an emotional component.
voices are different, yes
but they can stay the same words.



I was so small, young, and innocent,
not knowing right from wrong, not
knowing the dangers. So small, never
knowing common sense, not knowing
what is pure and what is evil. Not

Robert Campbell

Trumann High School
Trumann, AR
Date of Visit: May 19 – 20, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Haley Montgomery and Martha Kee
Grade Levels: 9, 10
Appx. Number Students Served: 70
Visiting Writers: David Kinzer and Chris Tamigi