Taylor Elementary School


The sound of anger is like hoof beats
of temperamental horses
The sound of sadness is like a
person’s last day
The smell of thunder is like rotten
devilled eggs
The smell of rain is like
a hayfield in the evening
The smell of happiness is like
a sunset on a lake.

Jake Elmore

You know you’re in Sharmen

when you see big green tractors
working in the field
and when you see a few houses
like a small town
old barns
filled with junk
and cows running all around
when you see these things
you’ll know you’re in Sharmen

Beau Emerson

The First

The first woman who learned
how to write a poem thought
she had a person telling her what
to write in her head.
So, she went around all day trying
to keep her ideas together so they
would not come spewing out of her

Riley Beshea

The Story of the Old House

I’ve known the old house
ever since I was a baby
I was built by seeing the old
I see visions that last a
second then they are gone.
I felt happiness in the old
house when it was brand new.
I wondered about how the pain
felt to leave the house.
I see visions of the tears
falling off the family’s face.
I dare myself to try and step
in the old house but the
steps have no respect.

Trennon Dodson

My fear

My fear is small and chunky
My fear is green
My fear has 4 fingers
My fear has one big blue eye
My fear has snakes for hair
My fear is book smart
My fear wears glasses
My fear wears a vegetarian hat
My fear is on a baseball team
My fear is as tall as a puppy
My fear goes to college
My fear smells like green apple pie

Bailee Rogers

The Story of Woods

I’ve known the woods forever,
the never ending woods are
my soul,
my soul
is a never ending maze of
the woods,
I felt the cool, hard soil,
I saw the animals of
the woods,
I swam in the
river that flows in
the woods,
I know that the woods
is your friend,
sometimes you heard the
horrible sound of
I’ve known the woods forever.

Grace McLelland

Taylor Elementary School
Taylor, AR
Date of Visit: February 20 – 21, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Robby Frizzel
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 125
Visiting Writers: Jesse Irwin and Max Thompson