SC Tucker Elementary School


The music rolling into your ears
A grand tavern in the middle of water
Aussies in the open air
Bridges swaying from left to right.

Tiffany Phayboun


My dad is calling a turkey
for me and him.
He sees the worry in his
daughter’s deep blue eyes.
He hears the sound
of the gobbler’s gobble.
My dad is thinking about him and his
daughter getting close together again, but
his daughter has to go once again.

Hally Rial

How to speak the language of rain

All whispers are drip loop drip loop.
All calls of anger are slam slash
slam slash.
All calls of happiness are drip
drop drip drop drip drop.
All calls of sadness are drip drip
drip drip.
All calls of excitement are splish
splash splish splash.
All calls to be quiet are shhhhhh!
The rain needs to tell you something.
“Shhhhhh!” “Don’t tell anyone about
our language!” “Ok” I said, I will
be shhhhhhh!

Destiny Nagle

Me, at age 22

Well I’m grown up, no more playing with cars.
Not a kid anymore.
I’m from Danville, Arkansas.
Now I live in that Hot Stove City
California. There’s ocean blue seas.
I’m just on the beach watching the
sun go down with my peeps. At
age 22, watching these buildings
trying to fall on me.

Henry Navarrete

All my days

Monday is a broken leg
Tuesday is a cup of expired milk
Wednesday is an uncomfortable chair
Thursday is a day without homework
Friday is a new trampoline
Saturday is fresh-cut grass
Sunday is a splinter in the hand

Jarett Wilkins


Color of a shirt
tanning in the sun.
Color of a bag
swinging in the breeze.
Color of a shoe
racing in the wind.
Color of a curtain
blowing in the wild.
Color of a backpack
dragged in class.
Color of a bookshelf
shoving books in its mouth.
Color of a book cover
soaking in water.
Color of a chair
being squished by a butt.
Color of a hat
smelling hair.
Color of a purse
being left everywhere.
Color of a bike
being ridden through the wild wind.

Chiara Rogers

The language of rain

The rain always speaks to us, but you can
not hear.
The rain speaks to us in the middle of
the night.
When it hits the rooftops it tells
us to go to sleep

Eduardo Salas

SC Tucker Elementary School
Danville, AR
Date of Visit: May 1 – 2, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Samantha Dill
Grade Level: 5
Students Served: 60
Visiting Writers: John Englehardt and Stefan de la Garza