Elgin B. Milton Elementary School


The robins are chirping, the wind
is blowing, the spring sun is fighting
the moon, there is an apple tree in
the distant meadow dancing in the moon-
light, every time the sun rises
or sets the tree has learned a new
dance, and until summer comes, the
tree will dance freely all spring long and
on the last spring day the tree will slow
dance with the blue birds on its arms.

Emily Cowell

Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

I always knew I loved
my cat, the way he stands by
the mailbox. But I didn’t know I
loved my cat when he makes those
baby eyes. Perhaps I only love
when he tickles me with
his little whiskers. And I know
I love his little pink nose.
Sometimes I love when he
climbs the tree, when he
meows at the moon.

Kaitlyn Sanders

The Star

Ella is calling my name.
The star is twinkling in my face.
The deep blue sea.
Every thing is connected.

Haley Johnson


Saturday is golden hay in a long field.
Deer running through leaves.
Fresh eggs out of the chicken.
Water, the first drop on your tongue.
When you touch a soft cat’s fur.

Kelsie Baker

Elimination Dance

Men who wear clown shoes
and purple polka dotted wings,
get off the dance floor.

All dogs that do back
flips while saying woof!

All people who don’t
get A’s, off you go.

Everyone who eats
caramel cookie dough—mm that
will be good—ooh, I mean, get
off the dance floor.

Those who have woken
to find super, strong
five-eyed monster, with
pink hands… Invite
it to dance.

Those who have
choked on pink shoes,
bye bye.

Folks that have seen
purple flesh eating zebras,
get a 500 dollar coupon.

Those who have seen
talking dogs with big
brown beards that are pink,
see y’all later.

Gals that can
make cakes that
eat cats when they meow
have got a cool cake.

Maggie Boesiger

To swallow a hurricane

To swallow a hurricane
it goes through your foot
and shakes and shakes
and wiggles too
like a shaking washer
and your bones will squeak
and give you the power
of shaking a tower

Johnathan O’Bar

fish man

I have a weird power some
people think it’s lame but I think
it is cool I can summon fish
to do what I want.

Kaleb Pack

I Wonder Why I am Weird

I wonder why I am weird
Why I am happy
Why do people cry
How do you swim
I wonder what my eyes
Look like why do
People yell.

Hunter Yates

That Night With the Green Sky

That night with the green
sky was weird. I was a fish
then there were other
fish and he said, Wake up
crazy it’s morning.

Anna Noren

Portrait of my Grandfather

My Grandfather is
Harvesting sweet corn. He
sees miles and miles of corn
faraway in the field. He can
smell about every single ear
of corn in the field. He fears
harvesting will take months.

Elizabeth Lopez

How to Fall in Love

I dive in and splash through
going as fast as I can,
I don’t stop until I get across
the finish line.

Kirstyn Myers

How to Fall in Love

You feel like crying.
You tear up.
Your lip goes up and
You can’t talk.


Portrait of my Grandfather

My grandfather
is playing football
with his son Tracy.
My grandfather loves to play football with
Tracy but one day
Grandfather died and
Tracy didn’t have
any body to play
football with.

Derek Brown

Portrait of my Dad

My dad works at Arkansas
Valley Electric. He fixes people’s
Electric. We wears a chainsaw
He cuts trees out of the way.
He fears wires will shock him.

Courtland Ross

That Night with the Green Sky

On the night with the green
sky I was on a date because
it was the ight with the green
sky. I was eating steak with
my girlfriend and ice cream because
it was the night with the green

Baylor Murders


My sister Dixie had four
kids but one of them died and
she has 3 beautiful pups she
hears them whining every
day and she loves them
to death.

James Gilbreth

How You Know You’re in Ozark, AR

You will smell
school food. You
will see a sad kid
whose friend is gone.
He will have glasses
and spiked hair. You
will see Ozark Schools.
You will see Crazy H.


Things I Didn’t Know I Loved

I always knew I loved
the trees but I didn’t know I
loved the forest. Perhaps I only love
the animals in the forest and I know
I love the deer. Sometimes I love their tails,
white like a rabbit’s fur, like a cloud
in the sky, like a sponge soaking
up the water in a sink while
I’m doing the dishes after a nice
warm meal of steak and milk.

Justin Post

Elgin B. Milton Elementary School
Ozark, AR
Dates of Visit: March 13 – 14, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Lana McLaughlin
Grade Levels: 4, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 280
Visiting Writers: Caroline Beimford, John Englehardt, Kathleen Heil, Michelle Myers, Diana Reaves, Chris Tamigi