Cavanaugh Elementary School


Hippos run at ninety-five miles per hour.
Fish drink tea.
Did my flower pass out?
November is a swimming month.
My kitten is broken.
Hippos are three tons.
No! My flower didn’t pass out,
it went to the ladies’ room.
My mom’s a fish.

Parker Wesson

Leo’s Cool

Leonardo di Vinci is a rock star with a Mohawk
and a Pegasus for a pet.
His very biggest pet is a whale shark.
Or was it a squid?

In May, he turns into a werewolf.

He broke his heart when the neighbor
did not give him a treat.

Leonardo di Vinci painted the Mona Lisa.

His biggest pet was an aqua ant.

His aqua ant is two days old
and can sing the rap song “Thrift Shop.”

Devin Copeland

The Blizzard

One day there was a polar bear.
A snow storm was coming.
The polar bear was finding food.
The blizzard was here.
The polar bear ran to find the others.
The snow storm got closer and closer.
The polar bear couldn’t find the others.

The snow storm was there.
The polar bear laid on a piece of ice to cool down.
The snow storm pushed the piece of ice to sea.
When the polar bear got up
he was in the middle of the sea.
The snow storm and the polar bear
were face to face then the snow storm
with a loud sound pushed it back to sea
then the polar bear went and found the others again.

Mason Richards

The Roadrunner and the Earthquake

The roadrunner ran as fast as an airplane.
The earthquake split the earth in half.
The roadrunner ran across every crack.
The earthquake tore the world apart.
The roadrunner ran as fast as 200 mph.
The earthquake sounded like a nuclear war.
The roadrunner ran as the earthquake
crumbled the earth into pieces.

Michael Padilla

The Last Burger Ever

The last burger ever sat in front of me, sharing its life story.

“I remember being a cow, just sitting there,
eating grass, producing milk. But then the day came
when I was loaded with my other friends and family
and shipped to the factory. My life was over like that.
Everyone I knew was gone. Just a bunch of burger patties.
I remember it like it was yesterday – the cold freezer.”

Micah Alt

The Eiffel Tower of the Paleontologists

The Eiffel Tower of the paleontologists is a goofy place.
Paleontologists dig under the Eiffel Tower.
They’re really deep. 800,000 feet below ground.
They smell dead bugs. They feel rocks
and the skulls of dead, slimy fish and snails.
They find old bread, a jar of jelly, peanuts and meat.
Then they put the Eiffel Tower under ground.
Then they fall asleep under concrete.
When they wake up, they head to take over Rio.

Thi Grizzle

Cavanaugh Elementary School
Fort Smith, AR
Date of Visit: May 8 – 9, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Hank Needham
Grade Level: 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 40
Visiting Writers: Megan Clark and Alice Otto