Brookland Elementary School


The clouds in the sky
A Wal-Mart bag
A lightbulb
A snowed-on rabbit
The moon in the sky
Paint in a bucket

Emily Willett

The Complaint Against Drama Queens

Attention drama queens
it annoys me that there’s
always some drama going

Sam Smithee

Sad ness

Sadenss is frozen
ice in the freezer.
Sadness sounds like cracked
bones. Sadness feels like doors
shutting on me. Sadness is
rotten fish. Sadness tastes
like nothing to me.

Noah Mullins

My Rose

I have been thinking
about living like the
rose my petals would be
red. My leaves will be
green. I would live in a
grassy open land on a
hill. I am a rose just like
the leaves on a tulip.

Emmi Walton


Sadness is a baby crying.
Sadness is your little blanket
that you had from when
you was a kid being
thrown away. Tears running
down your eyes. Not eating
for a day or two. Can
feel any thing for a

Eli King

Sticking Sticker

Sticking sticker sticked
to a striped sting ray
that settled down on
a sand mound. The
sting ray leaped up
and stumbled upon a
great white shark that
swam and started striking
and lost. It got shocked

Eli King

The Complaint Against Cuckoo Clock

Attention Fred turn off your
cuckoo clock you wake me up at
2 at least wake me up 4 hours
from now just not 2 please

Caitlyn Woodward

Song of Spring

Can you see it?
I see blue flowers getting
knocked over by the wind.
Can you hear it?
I hear the wind blowing hard.

Alyssa Kidd


In my dream I saw a penguin
in Hawaii. In my dream I’m
a tree floating around on the
moon. In my dream I tasted
egg salad on Mars.
In my dream I hear a cat saying
woof. In my dream I smell
some cookies. In my dream
I feel a snake. People
call me a dreamer, but it’s
the dream that does
the work.

Chloe Cochran


Happiness is riding a mechanical bull on Saturday.
Happiness is a big fat hot dog
at the dairy queen downtown.
Happiness is a bat
hitting the baseball at the ball park.
Happiness is fruit loops
in the morning.
Happiness is chocolate ice cream on a hot summer day.

David Rubottom


A rainy, cloudy, stormy day.

crying that has touched your heart.

A wet, cold tear rolling down your cheek.

The stinky smell of rust on your new (very new) bike.

A cold stale bread.

Aaliyah Mahmoud

In my dream

In my dream I jump to Saturn and fly back
and I swim to China and climb the wall of China,
glide in a pool. Then go in a boat and shake
then tumble in a window drop and lost all my teeth.

Spencer Wyatt

Brookland Elementary School
Brookland, AR
Dates of Visit: May 6 – 7, 2014
Faculty Sponsor: Jennifer Jaynes
Grade Level: 3
Appx. Number Students Served: 140
Visiting Writers: Megan Blankenship, Megan Downey, Kimberly Driggers, and Molly Rector