Woodland Junior High School


Our city is made of diamonds
crystal clear walls of Hogwarts
diamonds blanketing the cloak of invisibility
diamonds run for miles as the roads don’t seem to end
wands glistening from the diamonds that made them
diamond cars zoom above the people
a diamond cup won in a quidditch final
diamond brooms bolt past a stadium of crystal diamonds
dragons spitting diamonds across the glittering horizon

Winson Chee

Poem Addressing 70 Year Old Men

Old fashion
“Back in the ole days”
You do what I say
Golf is a lifetime sport
Morning newspaper with coffee
Work. Work. Work.
Sleeping and snoring
Sleeping and snoring
Turkey sandwich

Tyler Roth

Inside My Sleep

A deer hops along the forest moss.
It runs with glee and leaps through the
wildberry bushes and dew covered limbs.
An eagle soars overhead, calling down
to the forest floor and animals on it.
Bright red toadstools encase the wet mud in a
blanket of red velvet, and the winding
game trail leads off into the distance.
Rain falls and the cold drops cover
everything it touches. Take me to this
place of tranquility, this place where
the crystal clear lake sits, snow white
swans afloat in the water. A whole other
world, with mystery and spruce trees.
A bird soars off a thin branch, free.
The world is at peace
in the lush, green

Caroline Wetsell

Red Riding Hood

Our city is made out of
deep dark forest. With deep dark
trees. With deep dark animals.
Wolves. Deep dark, very dark
wolves. Wolves whose coats are full,
deep and dark. The path with deep
dark dirt. The deep dark color of my
hair. Our city is deep and dark,
with no light but the light of
your face.

McKenzie Ford

Poem Addressing My Goldfish Who Is Dead (Age 4 & a Half Weeks)

I’m sorry I never fed you. Sorry.

Joel Burges

To Swallow an Earthquake

Have you ever consumed an earthquake?
While chewing, your body is stiff
as a board.
Strong as a stallion.
But after swallowing, the stomach
rattles rapidly.
This rattling spreads throughout
the rest of your body until
you are completely shaking.
Slammed to the ground, your
abdomen currently is moving up
and down on the concrete tile
Your spinal cord is about to break
when suddenly your body slams
on its brakes.
Completely stopped.
Relief comes over your body but
is immediately replaced with the
horror of your destruction.

Erin Womack

Woodland Junior High School
Location: Fayetteville, AR
Date of Visit: February 25 – 26, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Angela McCutcheon
Grade Level: 8
Appx. Number Students Served: 20
Visiting Writers: Kathleen Heil and Diana Reaves