Westside High School


Hearing nothing but the long lonely whistle in the air
Longing to see another face that isn’t there
Traveling down a road that never ends
being alone with the feeling of desolation and despair
I have draveled down this road too long and
now there isn’t anything here.

Zack Campbell


This day is the best, most
Wonderful day of all time.
The trees are alive and green.
The wind is awake and
Gently, swiftly blowing by.
The sun is out and brightly shiny.
Birds are loudly chirping
A beautiful song.
Everything’s smiling and energized.

Tiffany J.


Halloween comes once a year like every other day
It’s always the same tradition
yet always refreshingly new.
You see the faces of strangers
but underneath you know them all.
You hear screams floating through
the night, you hear the rhythmic
crunch of fall leaves under your feet.

Everyone thinks it’s the sweet candy
that beckons the kids.
The strong sugar rush, or staying
out late.

But I know the truth.
It’s all about the rush of
being someone new.
We could be superheroes
or famous actors. We can
look in the mirror and not
see kids, we see whatever
we want. We don’t have to
be typical or fit in.

Fantasia Stepp


Discord in humble and tranquil company,
What is felt is indescribable,
Such fire in my heart!
Such hate in my belly!
We long for destruction,
The cries of lost friends sounding.
You cannot run, coward
You must Face it.
You must Feel it.

Karly Williams


I look in the mirror and see an animal
A wolf wild and free
Its fur is black
Its eyes are blue

I look in the mirror and see you and me
us together
under a vast blue sky
and I make an oath to stay by your side

I look in the mirror and see that this could never happen
That I am a fool
And I am an idiot to think this
But I still love you

I look out the window and see that this was never meant to be
that I now await my judgment
For being a dunce
For the gods are against me

Michael Garner

My Dear

Rattling my keys
I reluctantly walk to the car
I shall miss you always
My Dear

I need you back
with such prosperity
we dress to hide our emotions
I lift your face blue and black.

I will love you always
The parking lot is crowded,
though I’ll still find you
My heart leading the way.

With such fair garments,
you walk away with pride.
Your steps are like music.
A crossword puzzle. My Dear

Kota Harmon


The home is closed in,
Doors locked, along with the memories
She made me laugh in the lighted rooms,
Now the lights are off
It’s dark and dusty
Nobody’s there, nobody’s laughing
I only hear the silence from outside the window,
The quiet, painful silence
No bright smiles, no voiceful talks
Just silence until lights come on, never.

Makala Sims

On First Sketch

I feel like I can express my mind.
The first touch, like an open portal.
The first sight, unique of passion
and beauty.
Sound of silence, the 360 buzz
of the lights.
Pour your heart out to other’s eyes.
The color of black, a puzzle for
the mind.
Not known till finished.
One like no other.
The frustration of the teased mind.
What do I do?
How do I express myself for
others to understand?
Let me set your mind in awe!

Misty Owens


The sun hits me hard in the
face. I’m doing the impossible and jumping
and soaring in the air. I feel the wind
hit my wings, then the clouds, like fluffy soft silk
around me. The birds looking at me questioning what
I am. The soft blue sky whispering me a greeting,
beckoning me to fly farther. The trees like little
fingers try to grasp at me and pull me down.
The sun like a mother smiling upon me with
gloating rays saying it’s proud.

Jenna G.

So you wanna be a player

Say the sweetest things that
rumble in my ear
Say you’re sorry for the things
that have been left behind.
Make sure you make me feel
like something special and
say you’ll never drift away.
But don’t stay for very long
or mean a word you say.
Don’t remember what I’ll never
But also my friend don’t you
dare remember me when you
forget her.
So you wanna be a player,
but you suck at the game.

Yhailer Hughes


The shivers run down my spine,
and my hands are shaking.
My feet hit the ground,
and sound like a hammer on a rock.
The cold air hits my face,
and my eyes start tearing.
The tall building surrounds me and
I can’t see the end.
Will I make it out,
or will I be caught?
If only I knew
what she wants from me.

Samantha Kaylee Bittle

One last time

One last time I wish to speak with you.
One last time I wish to play with you.
One last time I wish to embrace you.
There is no light in this dark.
There is no happiness to this dreadful day.
I will see you no more.
I will touch you no more.
You are gone.
My sadness is too much to handle.
You have gone.
Soon, I will follow.
One last time.

Alex Stephens


When the day has ended
When all the chores are done
When the time to lay and wait
for rest has come
It is now time to wander and explore
the world of dreams
where the waiting is over and
all is quiet.

Sadie Hays

Westside High School
Hartman, AR
Date of Visit: March 14 – 15, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Chase Carter
Grade Levels: 9, 10, 11
Appx. Number Students Served: 150
Visiting Writers: Willi Goehring, David Kinzer, Hung Pham, and Max Thompson