West Junior High School


My dad working on his tractor
Working in the hot sun
Sweat rolls down his face
I sit enjoying the summer day
I hear brids chirp and dogs bark
I hear a loud yell of frustration
I run inside
The tractor is up in flames
We can do nothing
It is gone, useless
My dad yells in anger
I get scared
but all he does is comfort me

John Haney

They died. They parents.

Out of all the darkness in the lion’s den
Out of all the empty space in my heart
Come, come to me, don’t run away, stay.
Out of all the people in this world, mine?
Out of all the broken promises and crushed
They died. They parents.

Tara Leigh

Anecdote of the Rock

I placed a rock on the ground.
I was stopped in my tracks
as I heard a devastating boom. Immediately
I saw strange, sable-colored
vines growing on the rock.
Astonished by the rock’s power,
as I stood there watching,
I was in disbelief as it grew into gigantic
size, overcovering the mountains
as far as I could see.

LeAnn Merideth


The day my parents decided against forever,
The day my hear, like my home, split in two,
The day I was so frustrated with my father,
we found out we lost a good man, my uncle.
The day I realized
no matter how angry you may be,
you should always love one another
today because tomorrow is no guarantee.

Abby Fowler

My Regret

I remember listening to real rappers on the radio.
I was quickly inspired to be like them and was very eager
to learn, not with average speed because that was too slow.
I listened to others and combined their styles.
I pieced them together like a floor with marble tiles.
I listened to one whose lyrics were obscene,
but I was too young to understand what they could mean.
I sat there and wondered why my life wasn’t complete
and that’s when I knew that my inspiration was not truly right.

Jonathan Robinson

The art of smiling

The art of smiling isn’t hard to master
But being truly happy can be.
Everyone can put a smile on their face,
but they could still be hurting within.
A person could have many friends,
but never know the true meaning of happiness.
The art of smiling isn’t hard to master,
but being truly happy can be.
A popular girl could seem perfect on the
outside but breaking on the inside.
The art of smiling isn’t hard to master,
but being truly happy can be.

Rene Adams


The contemporary skill known as being messy
is not an arduous one to act
Nor takes any quality time to master.
When you are breathing, a mistake will soon follow
And it will be the easy task to act
upon without any training time to master.
It’s called an instinct.
Wasting toothpaste, spilling soy milk, spitting
in the sink, puking on the floor, dropping
a case of pots, pouring dust into your hair,
Only is an easy task to act
Plus requires no formal practice to master.

Ryan Conston


I shoot fire from my eyes as I see
them, curled inside a warm, gentle room
with not a thought of what lives
outside in the scorching winter cold.
It’s unnatural, it’s wrong, it’s
filthy, to live confined with those things called human.
All of us outside dream of the day a flame erupts
and they feel the heat lay upon their fur as
we do every single summer day.

V. Clark


I know I’m when
I hear the ding of my Xbox
or the sky-blue screen of my computer.

I know I’m home when
I see my little kitten’s sapphire-blue and
emerald-green eyes,
his soft, cloud-like fur,
and his deep-blue collar with that silver
bell around his neck.

Michael Reid


You who swim in the fresh water of the
Amazon, you stray from the salty haven
of our ancestors. The color of your hide is pink
as swine. Stay in your murky waters for
you have left the sea crystal clear and
azure blue. May life be calamitous for
you for you have betrayed us and left
the Great Waters for a stream. One day
all freshwater animals of our kind will
face the change form fresh water to the
salty mass we call home.

Dylan Shepherd

Friends are easy

Making friends isn’t that hard
It’s those first words
The first laugh
It isn’t that hard
Losing them is just as easy
It’s the new school
The popular kids
The laughs you envy
Friends aren’t hard
You easily make them
You easily lose them
True friends are hard
That first laugh
Will be the first of many
Those first words
Will lead to words with deeper meaning
Friends are easy
True friends are hard

Teddy Loftin

Hallway at school

Loud noises and bustling bodies;
New York city traffic jam.

Teddy Loftin

West Junior High School
West Memphis, AR
Date of Visit: May 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Frances O’Dea
Grade Levels: 8, 9
Appx. Number Students Served: 180
Visiting Writers: Josh Brown, Willi Goehring, Max Thompson, and Rodney Wilhite