Vilonia Public Schools


Cut off the flesh
pull the hair out
juicy on the inside
bloody on the outside.

Zachary West


Bouncy seats like a trampoline.
Yellow and bright like the sun.
Doors that open like magic from the best magician.
Controls so complicated, it’s like deactivating a bomb.


The Teacher

The beautiful artwork my
students have drawn.
My French Vanilla coffee
in my fall-themed mug.
The creme-filled donut I
am consuming.
My squishy chair I am
sitting on.
The children wailing
to go outside.

Hannah Neely

The Lady Bug

The lights, bats, gloves, and
big human feel.

The salty, barbeque
sunflower seed already chewed.

Small inside, rocks, food
and even grasshoppers are bigger
than me.
Fans cheering for the
player who just hit a home

Chloe Love

Spring is a doctor

Bees pollinate the flowers.
Rain nurses the plants and animals.
Warm air takes over the cold
Sun shining, rain falling, air flowing,
It’s a hospital.

Laynie White

The Killer Whale

A lion dancing the cha-cha on the shsore.
Fish roses floating on orange juice.
The bird I just ate for dinner
coming up.
Dizzy from spinning in circles chasing
My tail.
The dolphins calling for help.

Kelsey Mashburn

Vilonia Public Schools
Vilonia, AR
Date of Visit: October 21 – 22, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Chere’ Beavers
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 70
Visiting Writers: Stu Dearnley and Adrian McBride