Gentry Middle School


Monday is a wet dog
Tuesday is a mushy bowl of cereal
Wednesday is a broken record
Thursday is a hot summer day
Friday is a worn out pencil
Saturday is a piece of pie
Sunday is a lonely song bird

Kaytee Lopp

A portrait of my mom’s job

My mom goes to work overnight until 6 a.m.
She does a lot of cool action to open the cash register.
She can feel the paper of the green money.
My mom can smell the greatness of the burritos
heating up in the microwave. She can hear
the register make weird noises. She thinks about
us three kids at home.

Braiden Fields


Mom why not answer the phone
I’m worried please pick up
She’s at work
Calls me back
How are you!
I’m good.

Trenton Bagley

My grandpa

When you hear a man sweeping a parking lot and
putting trash in the trashcan then it might be my grandpa. He
feels rubber against his hand and smells pizza from Little
Caesar’s. He takes tastes thin air and hears cars everywhere.

Tristen Shirley-Bayless

A portrait of my mom

My mom is saving a
baby’s life

She sees the baby’s
leg, it’s purple and blue and
the baby just went to sleep

It sounds like a busy
city with people sad, people happy,
and people loud

She’s thinking about her
anniversary and what she’s
getting dad.

Sadie Reece

How to fall in love

My tongue is dry
I feel the adrenaline rushing through
my veins.
I can feel the air brushing past
my hair.
I hear my conscience telling me
that I was told this would be
a wrong thing to do and I should
have just gone bungee jumping

Kaytee Lopp

A portrait of mom

My mom chops up
the brownish cucumber.

She sees the squirming
bugs inside.

Her shriek of petrifiedness
is as loud as a police siren.

She thinks that she is
never going to buy from
the Price Store, ever, again

Brennie Shoup

Gentry Middle School
Gentry, AR
Date of Visit: October 3 – 4, 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Marcy Staves
Grade Levels: 5, 6, 7
Appx. Number Students Served: 100
Visiting Writers: Stefan De La Garza and John Englehardt