eStem Elementary Public Charter School


I’m the color of diamonds.
I’m the color of the sky, and I’m in the rainbow.
I’m the color of Neptune, and I’m also on Uranus.
I’m the color of water.
I’m the color of eStem, the best school in the galaxy!
I’m the color of ice.
I’m blue.

Evan Alexander


Sadness is cold, raw meat.
Sadness is soup that has gone bad.
Sadness is an eggshell being broken in half.
Sadness is a beagle that is stuck in a fence.
Sadness is a flamingo being chased by an old man with dynamite that can fly.

Allison Boggs


It is sad as a crying panda
Wet as the rain
Smooth as the water
Cool as the wind.

Taylor Ethan


I taste sweet and sour.
I smell sweet.
I need water to grow.
People see that I am orange.
People hear me rolling.

Zach Jordan

Sneaky Snake

The weeds in front of me moving to the side.
Bunnies hopping on trampolines
Ants carrying bread crumbs from a picnic. Yum!
Scratchy fat mice
The rough dirt on my belly going down to my rattle

Sarah Wilcoxson


I see something new in the sea.
I hear the new thing in the water.
I smell something new, it smells fishy.
I taste the fish getting closer and closer.
I feel like I’m going to burst it smells so good.

Kalashaja Douglas

The Future

The future tastes like a light bulb.
The future sounds like a chipmunk in a blender
The future looks like a vortex.
The future smells like a quiche.
The future feels like a punch in the face.

Chad Newman


I am the color of Snow White’s Mom’s lips
I am the color of a killer whale of kill
I am the color of printer ink
I am the color of my dance uniform.
I am the color that I like
I am a color that is not a color
I am the color that I like
I am the color

Molly Mason


Sadness is moldy mushrooms.
Sadness is wet mud and electricity went through mating season.
Sadness is a mousetrap that just had an appendectomy.
Sadness is a big mush of food mixed with sand.
Sadness is crayon shavings that just went through a paper shredder that was covered in ketchup.
Sadness is disco dancing clothes.

Rose Caffey


I don’t, won’t and no one should be a ticrame.
If it could speak it would say, “I am a hunter that flies, my stripes build fear, I cause destruction. I’m also an enemy to the people I spread terror on.”
That’s what it would say, but I alone want to be an angel.
I want to be a saint, that’s why no one should be a ticrame, unless…
You also want to feed on fear.

Carlos Yang

An Orange

One little ball was sitting on a fruit stand.
The ball was hard to peel.
You spit out a little seed.
You peel it into four parts.
When you suck it, it’s kind of sour.
You make a funny face.
You close your eyes and pull your mouth back and show some teeth.
You see a line on the four parts.
It squirts out a little bit of juice.

Bryana Silas

eStem Elementary Public Charter School
Little Rock, AR
Date of Visit: November 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Samantha Fish
Grade Levels: 2, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 200
Visiting Writers: Stu Dearnley, David Kinzer, Hank Pate