Cooper Elementary School


One brown snake
all coiled up
waiting to be

Gavin De Fazio


cold as a seal in the
water on the coldest
day smells like the

Tanner Hoyer


Sitting silently in the blue
I may be called big
When I get mad I make a storm

Emily Beck

My Joy

My love smells like red velvet care
My madness craves onion rings
My sadness is ocean blue
My fear is a dress model
My happiness listens to adele
My thrillness can see birthday cake ice cream
My top favorite color is butter yellow
My stupid color is a grassy green hat
My dumbness can feel a jelly donut
My crazy name is oogabaloo

Natalie Schultze

My love

My love is a warlock
The most scary thing is that he can send you into another dimension.
He looks demonish with a hood and a staff.
He is a nice warlock, though.
He helps nice people go back in the past to do things.
He can read your mind.

Theron Humphrey

Bella Vista

Bella Vista is the best place to talk
to flying pigs. Also it has the
best attractions like the Eiffel
tower, great pyramids, the pentagon, and
he grand canyone. And if you like
lean places, we have the
cleanest houses

Keegan Tweedy

Ultra Swan

air swirl around me
the exhaust from the airplanes
other beautiful swans
water as I dive
free from captivity

Bella Sotlar

Cooper Elementary School
Bella Vista, AR
Dates of Visit: March 2013
Faculty Sponsor: Christina Hallwachs
Grade Levels: 3, 4
Appx. Number Students Served: 80
Visiting Writers: Stu Dearnley and Chris Tamigi