Vandergriff Elementary


A sweet sunset
with fuzzy skin
from a tree
all soft and squishy.

Kate Tierney

The Door to Winter

Chill crawling up your back,
icy wind whistling in your ears.
You can feel in your heart,
“winter is coming.” Snowflakes dancing
in your mind with Santa around
the corner. Trying to stay warm
with the fireplaces dim light.
Holding onto the traces of summer.

Lily Henry

Unit of Measure

Do you see as well as an eagle.
How much? How less?
Do you eat as much as an eagle?
More or less?
Do you hear as well as an eagle?
Can or can’t you?
Are you as brave as an eagle?
How come?
Are you as symbolic as an eagle?
Everyone wants to know am I brave?
Answer these questions yourself. Think
should I improve or should I not.

Mackenzie Mollner

Eating Poetry

As I went to the library
I sat down, and I found my self
eating poetry! I didn’t know
what to think was it good was it
bad? All the sudden I
turned into a book! Another person
came and it starts all over

Zane Riggs

The Door to Winter

The door to winter is
right in front of me. As I
open it my nose turns red
and hands are frozen. After
I put on my coat and mittens
I run into the sparkling snow.
I make a snow angel and
snowman. Now all I smell
is cold air and all I taste is

Brianna Kalbfleisch

A Recipe for Stress

Stress it’s a terrible thing
It’s like a flea constantly
bothering you. It might never
stop. Then when you get your
dreadful homework lifted off
your shoulders it feels great
with happiness and joy filling
your life.

Porter Smith

How to fall in love

You let visitors settle in.
You help me sleep at night.
You feel so soft.
You smell like a fresh summer breeze.
You are silent in the night.
You look like a cloud in the sky.

Mac Bobo

I Am

I am not writing a poem.
I am taking a nap on a cloud.
I am jumping on stars.
I am flying with falcons.
I am jumping on my trampoline on the moon.
I am riding a dragon.
I am sinking in quicksand.
I am hiking in the desert.
I am exploring a cave.
I am parachuting off the Grand Canyon.
I am swimming with sharks.
I am riding a spaceship.
I am relaxing on top of a volcano.
I am flying.

Samantha Rouch

What people dream about

People don’t dream about
riding a pink unicorn over a
field of rainbow flowers while watering
the flowers so that it will give
people magical powers.

People do dream about being
stuck at work for centuries
while being at a meeting that
lasts a day about how to raise
company sales.

Aowyn Anderson

Ode to My Pencil

Your color is like
the light you smell like fresh wood
and that is fine with me you get my
work done together as a team
I think we have done your job well
Just as I taught you so that is why
I wrote this ode to you.

Lauren Sanders

How to fall in love

I’m listening to
a song. I see a
disco ball. Lower it
down. Turn it
on full power.
Play my favorite


I Am

I am not writing a poem.
I am riding a unicorn while playing
laser tag. I am going back in
time while dancing with monkeys.
I am going on a giant
waterslide that starts
30 miles up in the air. I
am dancing to a Spanish song
while riding a unicycle with
bears. I am skydiving into
a giant bowl of ice cream.
I am riding a 40 minute
rollercoaster that goes 5,000
miles an hour with my mom.

Jessica Lobb

What people dream

Giant orange unicorns with a head
the size of the moon with a jetpack
hovering around eating rainbows.

Grass in a field of grass as
the wind blows grass into different
pieces of grass as the grass gets longer
then mowed then gets longer then
gets mowed.

Lindsey Johnson

Mr. Depression

One rainy day on the corner
of the sidewalk I saw Mr.
Depression. He looked weary
and tired like a light just
turned off his happiness.
I said “Hello,” but he turned
and walked off. Just then,
it started pouring down
harder than before. I saw him
again the next day
with the same sad look
on his face. I tried to
cheer him up, but he
walked away and it started
raining. As he walked away,
I started crying. It was
as if he had spread a
disease. the next few days
smelled like broccoli
and tasted like lemons. The
same thing that happens when
I get sad. I asked for a
nickel and Mr. Depression gave me
a dime, made last year.

Sully White

For the Last American Toaster

Because words help
when you burn someone,
don’t get angry at yourself;
just talk to the toast,
go look at the flowers,
and talk things over.

As children play,
you cook for them,
you do all the work,
and you get nothing in return.
You should make them cook
while you play around
and listen to some rock’n’roll.

Dear toaster,
I’m sorry I played
while you did the work.
I will now help you
cook the food that
I know and I love.

Porter Hicky

Lying in the Grass Outside at My Friend’s House

Lying there, in the green grass.
I feel the soft wind brush against
my face to my right. I see
a yella butterfly sitting on
the grass. To my left, I see
a house with leaves fro the
tree swaying in the wind.
My friends are quietly
playing in the driveway. I can
hear the cars swiftly rushing
by. The climate is breezy
and warm. The warm feeling
is crawling up my sleeve.
I can see the white clouds
up against the blue sky.
I feel like a dream.

Jaya Sharma

My Brother

His hair is brown silk,
his eyes blue sapphires. His arms
are boulders. His skin is rough
sandpaper. His thighs are tree trunks.
His laughs are crackling
potato chips. His voice is as
deep as the ocean.

He is the hunter and
I am the deer.

Beau Stuckey

Mr. Frustration

Mr. Frustration always stayed in
house and would never come out.
He would always lean on his windowsill
and be in a thinking position.
I wonder what was he thinking.
People would stare at this man and
would always wonder what was he
thinking, why would he just lean on
his windowsill, and stare at the late
afternoon sky. I asked him why he was
always there and he gave me a response,
“I am watching the end of another day as
the sunset leaves my eyesight.”

Connor Clinton

Chicken Nuggets and Honey Dreams

They don’t dream of the
mayhem guy on the All State
commercial. People don’t dream
about putting mustard up
their nose. People don’t dream
that they will never see
movies again. Most people don’t
dream about having the injury
Marcus Lattimore had.

What people dream about
is having green grass. They
also dream about sitting on
a brown tree branch. People
dream about doing lots of
homework. They dream that
they have a new driveway.
I dream about hitting a
baseball over the Green
Monster at the Boston Red Sox

Harrison Wale

Vandergriff Elementary School
Fayetteville, AR
Date of Visit: October 29 – 30, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Marci Tate
Grade Levels: 3, 4, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 250
Visiting Writers: Kathleen Heil, Jack O’Neal, Lizzie Paulus, Katie Nichol, Joe Trimble, and Stefan de la Garza