Emerson Elementary School


My blanket is thick like a wolf’s coat.
My backyard can fit about 100 hogs.
About 50 deer can fit in my front yard,
My house is about as big as two elephants,
A megadoldon shark makes Jaws look like a guppy,
You can measure anything with a chihuahua.

China Tetra


When I was little I wasn’t having
a very good time being born, so
when they named me they put my middle name as faith, so I will
have faith, so I won’t have
anything bad happen in my life.

Marleena Brown

The Color of My Emotions

1. The way I show I’m happy is by having a big happy smile on my face and saying hi to
2. As I get sleepy my face turns to a kinda light purple.
3. As I think of something dull I get a yellow feeling of sadness.
4. As I start feeling happy I turn darkish purple.
5. I get the joy of craziness and turn a light purple color.
6. The color of happiness is the color of red for laughing and screaming for me.

Ashlei Johnson

A Doorway to Autumn

I just got
home from school I
saw a door it was made out
of diamonds it had a leaf
on it
that changed colors. I made
sure the coast was clear,
I opened up the door a
cold breeze flew in. I closed
the door. Leaves were falling,
all different colors. I had never
seen. Squirrels were getting
ready for winter. I made a
leaf angel in the leaves. I
could see my breath in
the air. The sound of the
leaves were crunching. It sounded so
lovely. I went back home. I’d
only stayed in there a few
minutes. But time past
by in the real world.

Brenna Warrick

Unit of Measure

Miss Daisy
is a dog She’s not a Miss
yet but she will be
She is a couple of decimeters
long but she still is a fast
dog You can measure a table,
a car, even a couch with her
you can measure anything
with a poodle

Alexis Coston

My Mother Told Me

mother told
me that if you
look in a time capsule
you will get bad luck
but I’ve looked in one
before and nothing happened
but when I was little I
used to believe that
that was true but
I don’t believe that anymore and
the one I looked in
was my sister’s.

Karli Rabb

Emerson Elementary School
Emerson, AR
Dates of Visit: October 8- 9, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Tabatha Gray
Grade Levels: 4, 5
Appx. Number Students Served: 40
Visiting Writers: Jane Blunschi and Kathleen Heil