Buffalo Island Central West Elementary School


My sister is dusk. Her hair is
messy. All of the animals that live
in trees or bushes can live in it and
she has not fixed her hair yet. It
is getting taller and thicker.

Ethan Griffin

The Trouble With Poetry

What is the trouble with poetry?
Poetry is a full mind of thoughts
that never stops. How will it end?
Poetry is like a road that goes
on forever. Poetry fills me with
compassion. Will poetry ever end?
But sometimes it’s like an empty
town. No cars, no buildings, and
no people, just a blank mind.

Carlee Bird


Trees are black.
Music is loud.
People are blue and have red tails.
Their animals are big cakes.
They play a game called shoes.
The island is made by green cars.
They travel on houses.
They like eating fire and lightening.
they are so weird.

Peyton Fowler

Things My Sock Money Never Taught Me

He never taught me how to
hang upside down on the monkey bars. He
never taught me how to eat so many bananas. He never taught me
how to use monkey language and
he never taught me how to be
a sock.


My Soul

My soul is as painful
as pepper to an eyeball.

My soul glows in the winter
as it shines.

My soul is soft as it
flows through the air.

Joe Mac


I was diving when I saw an
octopus. Its eight limbs were colored
green. They glistened from the burning sun just
above the water. When I got closer it
cascaded over the coral as a morning dove
flies over a wheat field. When I got closer
it shot off like a rocket lifting off.
It shot ink everywhere I couldn’t see.
It was like a black tornado under water.

Jacob Turner

Buffalo Island Central West Elementary School
Monette, AR
Dates of Visit: November 15 – 16, 2012
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Kima Stewart
Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 130
Visiting Writers: Eszter Takacs and Corrie Williamson