Bragg Elementary School


It was made by heat in a mold,
filled with coke and sent to a store to be
sold. When someone actually buys you, you’re
sent to a fridge that’s cold and dark until opened.
You’re drunk and tossed aside. About 2 days
later you’re picked up and thrown out.
You hear BEEP, BEEP! And yo
wake up in the Dump and you sit there
and rot.

Tyler Steele


I come from a hard wooden bongo.
I come from a sharp fishing hook.
I come from a yo-yo with a white string.
I come from a colorful ping-pong paddle.
I come from a pencil with handprints on it.
I am a claw in a machine at Wal-Mart.

Bradly Flippo


Time after time I ding, ring, and
scream. I burn everything.
I’m sorry for roasting your popcorn, and defrosting your beans.
I understand you’re famished of
hunger and it’s all because of
me. Sincerely your lovely microwave.
P.S. You left a piece of bologna
in me.

Kaya Cavallavo


When I took a bath and I felt a
slobbery object going up my neck I
turned around and it was a lion licking
me to clean me.

Trevor Carroll

The Wonders of November

There is a month in the year
where we all gather round eating
turkey as we sit in home cut chairs. After
sup all the children go out to
play in the leaves while mama
awaits with warm cups of cocoa
with marshmallows afloat
like sails on the sea. Will we listen
to the animals that still are
around trying to mimic their sounds? But
this is the sound of November.

Ciella Schaffer Weatherspoon


Lazy is a bowl of marshmallows
and an XXXXXXXL bowl of
friend chicken with XXXX BBQ.

Kayla Miller

The Yellow House

The house is as yellow as a
giraffe. the sky is as blue as
a blue folder. It is fall in
1997 at five a.m. Van Gogh is in
his bed thinking about his next
painting. The house is as dizzy
as a human getting up too fast.
People are walking to the bridge.
The windows are tinted with the
memory of yesterday.

Matthew W.

Portrait of Zooey

Her fingernails are smaller than a ladybug
and her hair is a short piece of cloth. And her
smile is a sailboat. And her eyes are tiny
blue pebbles struck by lightning, and her legs
are round and plump. She is the car and I’m
the driver.

Madison Milton

Love Is

Love is like a pea in a pot. Love is a
bowl of chilli with crackers and a cold Autumn day
with a hint of gunsmoke in the air with
birds chirping and you can see God.

Cole Mamey

Ugly is

Ugly is a dark underground railroad.
Ugly is as wrong as a black bouncy ball.
Ugly is a Black Eyed Susan being crushed.
Ugly is really deep.
Ugly has a lot of horses.
Ugly is a cow because of its manners.

Adrianna H.

Portrait of Kanyell

Her hair was tiny Christmas lights.
Her voice was a stamped of zebras.
her breath was the smell of dead rats.
Her arms squiggled like worms.
Her heart was a pin drop and her
stomach was made of jellybeans.
Her neck was a bag of hot chips.

She was a clock and I was her
short and tall hand.

Arial Kyles

Homage to My Feet

These feet are not ordinary feet.
These feet are kicking machines because
these are my feet. I’ll never lose in a
kickball game. Everyone knows me from
world to space. I can kick a ball to
outerspace. That’s what I did. Now excuse
me I’ll be on my way to Pluto to
get the ball for the 100th time today.

Kayla Miller

Bragg Elementary School
Dates of Visit: October 8 – 9, 2012
Location: West Memphis, AR
Faculty Sponsor: Amber Mink
Grade Level: 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 115
Visiting Writers: Kimberly Driggers, Lizzie Paulus, Diana Reaves, and Alice Steintorf-Otto