Academics Plus Charter School


Night time is an eagle
Soaring through the air
The dark body and wings
And the moon for the eye
The eagle sits around waiting for the prey to let down its guard
When it woops down leaving the whole world black
Chasing the prey until the day comes back

Branden Faircloth


Dusk is like an owl
quiet when it moves
its only sound is who-who
feeling hard branches
shift under his feet
hearing wolf howl
When dawn hits
it is time to say

Isabella Kopitthe

My Dad at Work

My dad in yellow overalls and black
boots runs to the big red fire truck
listening to the loud siren saying
“get to the truck, get to the truck!”
My dad hits his hand on the cold door
handle. He opens the door, and swings
himself in. He presses a lot
of buttons in the truck to get the
truck ready for the ride. Off
they go to the fire. My dad can
smell the fire, he jumps out of the
truck and rushes in the fire
with an ax. He comes out 5 min
later with a 2-year-old, and a 10-year-old
boy. My dad goes back to the firehouse
and wonders what tomorrow
will be like.

Garrett Ward


Twilight is a sloth
never wakes up
it looks dead
they’re nothing like bees?
a Sloth has the easiest job, day & night
they move like turtles
up, down the tree
they like the habitat
smells the jungle.

Brittney Yates


Dawn in like a bear
creeping up the creek
hunting down the salmon
feeling the cold running water
hearing salmon jump
from place to place
joining the feast
that every bear has won

Isabella Kopitthe

Courage Pie

Sitting on a ledge
watching a dog
racing to get me
grab me to
take me
away to
eat me
with a side of

Max Angeles

Cold Criticism

Cold criticism is like:
an ice cube in my throat
a pair of socks on Christmas
rain on Halloween night
an extremely large dinosaur bite

So if you want to criticize someone today
look at the list &say yay or nay

Sydney Siler

My Ex-Hero

One day Chuck Norris stole a pie
off a window sill. After he stole the pie,
he ran into a dark smelly alley to eat
it. The police pulled up while he
was stuffing his face. Whipped cream
was all over his mouth. He ran away.
The chase was on. He ran all around
town with the pie in his hand. He
was dressed all in black. After running
about ten miles, he turned around.
No one was chasing him.



Dusty work boots and a broken shovel
Looking out into fields of destruction
One day did all of this
September, 11th, doomsday
The “Still Missing” signs litter the streets
I am still searching, not giving up
But hope, it seems, is not on my side


The Rain Falls Here

A surgeon at Wal-Mart inject people
to make them sick. He does his evil laugh. His pet
is a daddy longlegs. He trained it to bite
healthy people on the neck, so his pockets will be filled
with coin. Cha-ching. He has a red nose.
purple bumps on his back. green tongue
wobbly legs

Dominic Galvez


The fireman on the balcony with a tractor,
ashamed. The fireman missed his chance to
save somebody’s life. He feels horrible and
doesn’t feel like a hero. He wants to go
back and fix what he did. The house was
burnt to ashes and smelled like a fire.
He just wishes he could fix it.

Blake Mesaris

4th Rat

4th grade rat
rat school for lunch eat slop
4th grade eat ham
4th grade rat eats slop ham
4th grade rat brushes his teeth with slop
4th grader plays at recess
4th grader plays with slop recess
4th grader learns to read
4th grader eats pizza slop
4th grader eats pizza


The Cookie Monster Falling Asleep in Church

One day, the Cookie Monster was
at a homeless shelter and was
waiting for a family to come and
adopt him. A week passed and
he finally had a home. It was
Sunday, so they had to go to
church. Before they left, the Cookie
Monster packed a few cookies
and milk. In the middle of church,
the Cookie Monster ate the cookies
and milk, but whenever the Cookie
Monster drinks milk, he falls
asleep. After that, the family
tried to wake him up but he
didn’t so the family abandoned
the Cookie Monster

Belle Beauman

The Dog

The dog danced for its master
A sun smiled at the dancing dog.
A sun started to dance with the dog.
The dog danced for its master.
A sun started playing instruments for the dog.
A sun started to clap happily for the dog.
And the dog danced for its master.

Trinity Reeves

Valentine’s day, April fools

It was the Valentine dance,
A girl asked me to go,
I said, “alright” to myself,
I get there, I can’t find her,
She tricked me.
Next Valentine’s Day I ate
a box of chocolates,
sealed it back up,
gave it to her,
She opened it and was puzzled,
She got fooled

Michael Rider

My Cousin

Her skin is a butterscotch square.
her eyes are a black abyss filled with
dancing stars.
Her lips are pansies freshly bloomed.
Her hair is a piece of tissue or a
clump of wool.
Her nose is a perfect jewel shaped from ruby.
Her voice is the sea, calm but powerful.
Her cheeks, a dove’s feather.
Her chin, a smoothed rock.
Her spirit, a solid rock.
Her breath a piece of friend chicken.
Her legs a strong peacock in motion.
Her feet a pillar of hope for all we stand.
She is the pillar of my castle.

Nyah Peyton

Jumping in Trash Dreams

People do dream about
walls like white walls,
fruit and doing nothing but
stare at walls. We dream of how
fast or slow the clock moves,
and the excitement of grass growing
and knitting. People do dream
of many things they do.

People don’t dream about
jumping into green filthy trash.
you can’t dream about licking
your dirty elbow. People
don’t dream about taking
the trash out of the green
trashcan. People don’t dream
about a lot of things people do.

But I dream about mulit-colored

Shane Johnson

The Cat

The cat had a play toy and the dog broke it.
The cat wanted revenge, so the cat killed the dog with its claws.
The cat and its friends buried the dog in a dog graveyard.
the dog became a ghost and haunted the cat.
The cat got a cat priest and made the ghost dog.
The cat died seven years later.
Now they still fight even now because they’re dead.

Jamie Tallents


Her scent is the smell
of maple, her fingers are
chubby hotdogs, her skin is
a silky scarf, her breath is
the scent of chocolate, her
voice is the sound of birds
chirping, her cries are of dogs
barking, her nails are lion’s
nails, her elbows are logs,
her nose is the shape of an
apple. She is a million stars and
I am only one!

Josie Ridenhour

Academics Plus Charter School
Dates of Visit: December 10 – 11, 2012
Location: Maumelle, AR
Faculty Sponsor: Rachel Wheeler
Grade Levels: 4, 5, 6
Appx. Number Students Served: 200
Visiting Writers: Kaj Anderson-Bauer, Aran Donovan, Josh Peterson, Max Thompson, Lizzie Paulus, and Alice Otto